Photo taken by our amazing wedding photographers  Stoffer Photography

Photo taken by our amazing wedding photographers Stoffer Photography

Nice to meet you

I'm James Stukenberg and I'm a photographer. 

I also happen to be a wedding and portrait photographer.

An encounter with my dad's camera in middle school marks the beginning of my fascination with photography. Ten years later, I received a BFA in Photography and Film from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.  Then I met a beautiful woman and married her in August 2014. That's Anne. She's absolutely brilliant, has a background in graphic design, and we shoot most things together now.

We live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but we love traveling—especially if we get to take a few photos along the way.

We love coffee, family, Jesus, backpacking, Apartment Therapy, travel, travel, travel, Seinfeld, good food and drink, and quality time (in no specific order).

We’re passionate about making authentic images of authentic people. Our photojournalistic approach to wedding photography produces classic and timeless photos. We tell stories that use spontaneity and creativity to show who you really are and what you’re really like as a couple. We highly value marriage and relationships and connect best with people who feel the same way— people who love each other without reserve.

We won’t impose with big, goofy personalities or over-the-top lighting setups. We want to watch quietly and carefully as your day unfolds, capturing the big and the small moments, full of honesty and dignity.

If you think we'd be a good fit and you'd like to hear more about booking, pricing, and our approach,  let's get in touch.