A few portraits

My dad is one of my favorite people to photograph and I've taken his picture maybe more than anyone else through the years (though I suspect Anne will pass him soon). Or at least I've made pictures of him that I remember more than other people. I love photographing people because people are interesting and unique and he happens to be a particularly interesting and unique person. High-creativity and high-energy, right-brained and left-handed. A little on the eccentric side.

He's somehow managed to channel all of that into running his business, Daniel's Landscaping, for the last 29 years. I recently built a website for Daniel's Landscaping using Squarespace and took a few photos including a portrait of my dad. The new Squarespace website is a vast improvement over the previous one which I built several years ago using very basic html. Make sure to have a look; he does terrific work! These are a few of my favorite shots of my dad.